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Grant Projects Awarded During the 2010-2011 School Year

posted Jul 30, 2011, 8:39 PM by Alexandria Township Education Foundation   [ updated Jan 2, 2012, 7:42 PM ]
The Alexandria Township Education Foundation awarded more than $19,000 in grants for the schools of Alexandria Township during the 2010-2011 school year.

The Poems and Pictures grant project exhibited our children's art and poetry at the Alexandria Historical Society Prevost House.  This brings our student's Art out into the Alexandria community for all to see. The exhibit also included an  Artist's reception & poetry reading for the artists, families, and community at large.

With the Strange World of Reptiles grant project,
Snakes-N-Scales presented an educational fun, "hands-on" experience on reptiles to the preschool children.  Each class had a half hour opportunity to learn about assorted reptiles, including an alligator.



The Danny & Kim Alderman Author, Artist & Musician Visit combines writing, music and art for the children of Lester D.Wilson Elementary school. Together with his wife Kim, they make up the writing team of Kin Eagle.  This grant project engaged all students to be enthusiastic about reading and literacy.  Al three aspects of the Alderman's presentation play a significant role in engaging children towards literacy.
Dar Hosta is an international award winning Artist, Writer, and Publisher of
Children's Picture books. This grant provides our children with an assembly 
that highlights the authoring process. How she gets her ideas and turns
them into a book. She is uniquely poised to share this process because she is author,
illustrator and publisher of her books. In addition to the assembly program, Dar worked
with each class to create a mural. Each class in grades K-3 collaborated
on a theme that is based upon their grade-level curriculum. Ms. Hosta, along with
Mrs. Accumanno worked with each class to take their idea from concept to reality.
The end result of the assembly program was 12 murals produced by the

The Hunterdon County Arboretum did an school field trip to enrich our plant unit by exploring the plants in our school environment.
With the Step 2 Greatness: Linking Pedometers to Math Class grant, students were able to use pedometers to accomplish engaging activities using math and their observation skills. Pedometer activities bring real world problem solving into the math class all while promoting health and physical activity.


The Good Vibrations grant was for a new vibraphone for the music
department in AMS.  It often plays a featured role, and in the concert band,
as a standard component oft he percussion section.  Learning to play the vibraphone is an exciting challenge for all music students. The instrument's classic looks, rich tradition and beautiful sound make it a great choice for
anyone interested in exploring jazz or classical music in a group or as a soloist. The mechanics of the instrument cause the resonating tubes to open and close at varying speeds, controlled by the player, which results in the creation of a tremolo effect. This is something distinctive to the vibraphone and is the reason for its name. Even though they are expensive to own, they are easy to understand and fun to practice playing, making the vibraphone a wonderful addition to the music program at AMS.


The Project China grant engaged the students in a cross-curricular 
project about the country of China, its history and the traditions of the
people. An actual dragon from China that is used in the celebration
of the New Year was included. The 5th and 6th grade students presented
Chinese dramatic play during core classes. Authentic costumes
were worn; all scenery, decorations, and posters were created following
Chinese designs, calligraphy, and colors.

The Lanape Indian Assembly grant was for an assembly dedicated to learning about
traditional Lenape Indian life.  This hands on program details traditional Lenape life
in the EasternWoodlands homeland by focusing on everyday village activities and the
roles of men, women and children within the family and community. Drawings and
photographs show how the Lenape dressed, built shelters, grew crops, fished,
hunted, cooked, made tools and weapons. All programs are curriculum-based and
contain a slide presentation,stories and many touchable objects and artifacts,
including authentic clothing, tools, musical instruments, artwork, masks and games.



Bananas is a 45-minute puppet presentation by Blue Sky Puppet Theatre.  The objectives are to encourage eating in a healthy manner, i.e. eating a variety of food, including fruits, grains and vegetables, and drinking more water for energy; encourage physical activity including running, playing skipping and jumping; have regular doctor visits for check ups and shots and have a fun educational experience with puppetry.
The Physical Education Department at AMS wanted to start a racquet sport unit. The addition of table tennis and pickle ball equipment
allowed racquet sport skills and strategies to be taught to the students
of AMS. Beside Physical Education, the table tennis equipment is part of the International Games enrichment class.


Margie Palatini Author Visit. The fourth grade did an author study with Margie
Palatini as their focus in order to enhance the curriculum as well as to
meet specific objectives set forth in the N.J.C.C.C.S.



The Consumable Activities grant was used to fund different foods 
used to help the preschoolers in their
The Honoring our Past grant was sponsored by the 7th and 8th grade social

studies teachers and supported
other teachers. This grant was aimed at
honoring and learning about those who have given their lives defending our
country.  An outdoor war memorial was constructed on the front lawn
of AMS with walkways between the war sections to allow visitors to walk and
This grant was for a portable, wireless sound system for Kindergarten.