Our Mission

The Alexandria Township Education Foundation’s mission is to help achieve and maintain an extra margin of excellence by employing private resources to supplement traditional school district funding.  

Our focus is on encouraging excellence through creative teaching, facilitating student development, and fostering community/school partnerships.  The Foundation will fund major projects, but it also will ensure faculty members to undertake a number of innovative classroom projects at all grade levels by awarding numerous “mini” and “collaborative” grants.  

Foundation Trustees are dedicated business and community leaders, most of whom are not affiliated with the School District.  They have donated their time and talents in order to promote
excellence in education.  Trustees collectively focus on generating and distributing funds to supplement school programs.  Trustees review all applications and approve project funding,
with input from Board of Education members, school administrators and teachers. 

The Foundation operates independently from the school district for the sole benefit of the public school students in Alexandria Township.